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Participating Businesses

Mon, July 14, 2014

EnviroFix Kills Odors - Uses No Chemicals

EnviroFix’s uses an advanced oxidation process that emulates the way the sun cleans air. 

What this means we have the ability to destroy the source of most odor causing contaminates at the molecular level.  For a car dealer, it means EnviroFix kills odors.

In the odor control business there are two different ways to control odors.  Masking agents are used to disguise or alter odors - these systems work with varying degrees of success.  The difference between EnviroFix and other odor control agents is that EnviroFix provides a permanent end to odors.

Most odors are caused by biological agents - virus, bacteria, and fungus.  What EnviroFix does is kill these biologicals - killing the source of the odor.  When we eliminate smoke odor - we are destroying the carbon bonds of the molecules that hold the source of the odor - We Oxidate. We Shock Treat.

We focus on auto dealers since buyers and sellers of cars are concerned about odors.  No matter how good a car looks - it still has to pass the smell test.  1st impressions are often deciders.
75% of all our emotional connections are based on what we smell.