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Things to consider before deciding to move…

How many times have you thought that your house is too small? Maybe you are in your starter house: the one you moved to when you moved from your apartment or parent’s home. Or you moved into this house with a small family and your family has grown and there is no space to move.

Or what if you now think your house is too big. You are finally an empty nester and you would like to move to either downsize, using the equity in your home, or to a different home that will better fit your current needs.

In any situation, there often comes a time when you want to move from one house to another house. I have had to do this a few times, but each time I was moving to a new city to start another phase of my life. But what if you are staying in the same city and just want to move. What are some of the things you should think about?
Why do you REALLY want to move? Is the house too small or large? Would you prefer to be in a different neighborhood?
What are the things you REALLY want in your new home? If you have a home you are currently in and are not pressured to move, what features are important to you? Do you want the dream kitchen, first floor master ensuite or less outside maintenance?
Do you need to sell before you buy? if you don’t sell, do you have the cash not only for the downpayment but for the closing costs as well? Or can you use the equity in your home to help you buy your new home?
If you are going to sell, is your current house ready to be put on the market or do you need to prepare it to go on the market by painting, re-carpeting or de-cluttering?
There is a lot to think about when moving. It can be stressful but can also be a wonderful, exciting time. If you are thinking about making the move, please let me know. I am happy to come to your home and discuss ways to get your it ready to sell. I can also talk with your home’s value as well as the values in the neighborhoods you are thinking about. And I can connect you with mortgage representatives so you can discuss the various loan programs that may work for you.

Erin Cohen
Fathom Realty
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As a Realtor, I believe in “The Personal Touch”:
Building Relationships One Home at a Time.